Supply Chain Management

Penn West strives to achieve operational excellence and to establish and maintain quality relationships with all of our stakeholders, including our contractors, through our focus on social, environmental, safety and regulatory responsibility. We are committed to working with safe, competent and efficient contractors throughout our operating areas and are dedicated to the principles of fairness and respect in our contractor relationships. We are also committed to supporting local communities in our areas of operation through a variety of mechanisms including local employment, community relations and outreach, partnerships in the development of skills and competence and contracting with local contractors whenever feasible.

Supply Chain Management’s Role:
Management of Penn West’s contractor relationships is the responsibility of our Supply Chain Management group, which has the following core responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that Penn West’s contractors have met or exceeded Penn West’s contractor qualification requirements, including our expectations for safety and quality.
  • Assisting Penn West business groups to define performance expectations, select contractors who meet those performance expectations, and audit such performance.
  • Ensuring that Penn West obtain the best possible value for "total cost of ownership" when purchasing goods and/or services.

Key Topics:

  • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
  • Aboriginal Contractor Relations
  • Invoicing Information
  • Contractor Information
  • Health and Safety Information for Contractors
  • Whistle Blower Process

Any Penn West employee, contractor, vendor or subcontractor who believes they have information on behaviour that does not comply with the Code is encouraged to use the Whistle Blower process.


Code of Business Conduct and Ethics:
Penn West aims to conduct its business and commercial relations based on clear understanding, mutual respect, trust and integrity as outlined in Penn West’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code”). We require our contractors and subcontractors to promote behaviour consistent with our Code when performing services for the benefit of Penn West, and a formal commitment to such effect may be requested by Supply Chain Management as part of the contractor qualification process.

Of significance to our contractors, and without limiting the importance of any of its other provisions, is the Code’s restriction of the permissibility of our representatives to give or accept gifts. Please review our Guidelines Regarding Acceptance of Gift or Entertainment for more information.

Invoicing Information:

Contractor Information:

The following links provide additional information regarding Supply Chain Management’s contractor management policies and processes:

Health and Safety
Penn West is committed to working with safe, competent and efficient contractors throughout our operating areas and are dedicated to the principles of fairness and respect in our contractor relationships.

Click here for more information on Health, Safety and Training.

Individual Contractor

Penn West’s Vendor Management team has received a request to have system access granted to you as a Contractor.  

In order to do so, Penn West requires that you agree to the terms of our IT Security and Information Management Policy.  Attached please find this policy, along with the Penn West Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the Penn West Alcohol & Drug Policy for your information. Please read these policies, sign the signature page (last page) indicating your agreement to abide by the IT Security and Information Management Policy and return the signed page via email or fax (403)539-5999.

In addition to the signed policies, all contracted individuals billing through their own company must provide the following:

  1. Certificate of Insurance (Corporate) - review the attached Penn West insurance requirements and forward a copy to your broker so a new certificate can be prepared
  2. WCB clearance letter (recently dated) for all provinces in which you will be working
  3. Corporate GST number
  4. Photocopy of Driver’s License
  5. Signed Master Services Agreement (MSA) + Schedule ‘A’ Agreement – you will be contacted by the Vendor Management team for details necessary to prepare the Agreements.  Please note that the Schedule “A” Agreement expires on an annual basis.

Key Documents for Review: