Emergency Response Plan

As part of its commitment to the safety of its workers, the public and the environment, Penn West is prepared to respond to any emergency involving its operations in a timely and safe manner and maintains comprehensive emergency response plans (ERPs) for all of its operations. Although we do not expect local or volunteer emergency organizations to have the equipment or experience to respond to technical emergencies, we have developed our ERPs in consultation with the emergency response organizations and the stakeholders in the communities in which we operate in order to ensure that specific procedures and responsibilities of Penn West and emergency personnel are clear in any emergency involving Penn West's operations. Penn West ensures that its ERPs are shared with appropriate first responder organizations and are regularly reviewed and updated with current stakeholder and technical information. We also carry out community awareness initiatives and emergency response training programs with our stakeholder and first responder groups to ensure emergency preparedness. Should you require information about any Penn West ERP, please contact us at erp@pennwest.com.

Penn West's ERP manuals for its oil and gas pipelines under the jurisdiction of the National Energy Board (NEB), which have been submitted to the NEB and are updated annually, are accessible through the following links: