Health, Safety & Training

Safety is an integral part of Penn West's activities. Our safety programs protect not only the Company and its employees, but also friends, families, fellow workers, the public and the environment, from the far-reaching effects of serious accidents.

Penn West's senior management is committed to continually improving safety standards, programs, training, awareness – and, most importantly, the safety of its employees and contractor's employees.

Safety Principles:
  • Safety policies, procedures and programs developed by Penn West shall meet or exceed legislative requirements.
  • The Company's management shall ensure compliance by establishing appropriate programs and conducting audits of its operations.
  • Compliance with safety policies and procedures is the responsibility of every employee and contractor, and is a condition of employment.
  • Any injury and any serious incident shall be reported and investigated.
  • All applicable jurisdictional regulations shall be enforced for the safety of work sites and all who set foot on them.